Osteochondrosis tarsal navicular Kohler

Osteochondrosis of the tarsal navicular was described by Köhler in 1908. It is defined as a clinical condition consisting of:
pain in the region of the tarsal navicular, and radiographic changes consisting of increased radiodensity, fragmentation and eventual narrowing of the tarsal navicular. Clinical features:
child younger than 6 presenting with midtarsal pain  Boys & girls, 4:1 in most reported series  Pain with weight bearing / relieved by rest  palpable tenderness over navicular

1. calcaneus; 2. talus; 3. navicular; 4. medial cuneiform; 5. middle cuneiform; 6. lateral cuneiform; 7. cuboid. 8. first metatarsal; 9. second metatarsal; 10. third metatarsal; 11. fourth metatarsal; 12. fifth metatarsal; 13. phalanges

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