Osteochondroma is a type of benign tumor that consists of cartilage and bone.[1] It is a benign capped-cartilage outgrowth, connected to bone by a stalk.

It is the most frequently observed neoplasm of the skeleton.

They generally occur at the end of the growth plates of long bones, often at joints. They most commonly form at the shoulder or the knee but have been known to occur in the long bones of the forearm (i.e. the radius and ulna).

Osteochondroma is a benign tumor that contains both bone and cartilage and usually occurs near the end of a long bone. This tumor, one of the most common benign bone tumors, takes the form of a cartilage-capped bony spur or outgrowth on the surface of the bone. It is sometimes referred to as osteocartilaginous exostosis.

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