Nuclear medicine

Nuclear medicine is a branch of medicine and medical imaging that uses the nuclear properties of matter in diagnosis and therapy. More specifically, nuclear medicine is a part of molecular imaging because it produces images that reflect biological processes that take place at the cellular and subcellular level.

Nuclear medicine procedures use pharmaceuticals that have been labeled with radionuclides (radiopharmaceuticals). In diagnosis, radioactive substances are administered to patients and the radiation emitted is detected. The diagnostic tests involve the formation of an image using a gamma camera or positron emission tomography, invented by Hal O. Anger, and sometimes called an Anger gamma camera. Imaging may also be referred to as radionuclide imaging or nuclear scintigraphy. Other diagnostic tests use probes to acquire measurements from parts of the body, or counters for the measurement of samples taken from the patient.

Free resourses

AMI(Academy of Molecular Imaging)
(formerly ICP – Institute for Clinical PET). PET information
Buffalo Department of Nuclear Medicine
Including teaching files and PET examples in Oncology, Cardiology, and Neurology, and technical slides on SPM (Statistical Parametric Mapping),
Center for Neuroscience at the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Research Institute. Functional Brain Imaging research including PET.
Crump Institute for Biological Imaging Nuclear Medicine Media Book
Excellent site with hundreds of cases in a teaching file categorised into organ, disorder, tracer or system, with radiographic images available in some cases. Includes PET studies.
International College of Nuclear Physicians
Include a good number of cases including PET
The Radiopharmaceutical Image Library
Hundreds of teaching files sorted by study type, includes PET
University Hospitals of Cleveland
HUGE collection of multimodality teaching files, including PET, Women’s Imaging, Nuclear Medicine and SPECT, Neuro Image, Musculoskeletal, Interventional, Body Image, and Paediatric Teaching Files. Well worth a look.
University of Kansas, Nuclear Medicine
A good collection of teaching files and PET,QC,vendors,radiopharmacy
University of North Carolina – teaching files
9 teaching files, some PET. The teaching cases are; acute cholecystitis, osseous metastases, stress injury to the pars interarticularis, hypometabolic seizure focus, intracranial neoplasm, brain metastases, cardiac viability, malignant solitary pulmonary nodule, and ictal hyperperfusion in a seizure focus.
University of Utah, Division of Nuclear Medicine
Includes PET data and teaching files, and technical teaching files
Universtiy of Zurich PET Center
Multilingual site containing broad range of data including software, radiopharmaceutical, and anatomical data.

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