Basic Chest X-Ray Review

Basic Chest X-Ray Review

Chest X-ray Detailed Review: Introduction








In many ways the skills needed to look at diagnostic radiographs are the same ones used for performing physical examinations on patients. For example, careful observation of findings coupled with a systematic review of systems are the same in both. Actually, review of radiographic images could be called an “internal physical examination”

The following program will introduce you to one method of reviewing a normal chest radiograph. The process of film review at this level divides into two major areas. First, training your eyes to cover the film in a systematic way so all body parts and systems are examined, and second, being able to interpret and understand what you see: can you separate normal and its variants from abnormal? If something is abnormal, in what fashion, and what are possible causes.

This program will teach you how to develop a systematic approach to film review and is therefore, designed such that the major areas of the chest should be viewed in the sequential order listed in the main menu. Developing the interpretive skills begins here, but must be augmented by looking at as many normal films as possible to develop an eye for the normal range. A final bit of advice that applies to other areas of medicine also, the only way to gain competence and keep it is to practice, practice, practice, and then practice some more.



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