Inveon PET Module

Based on Siemens’ leading-edge technology, Inveon delivers the highest performance PET available today. Our leadership in LSO detector materials, advanced detector technology, state-of-the-art acquisition systems, and advanced attenuation correction provide increased count rate performance as well as enhanced resolution and sensitivity for excellent image quality and quantitative accuracy.

High Count Rate Performance
Inveon technology utilizes an asynchronous coincidence processing architecture which virtually eliminates electronic dead time and substantially improves count rate performance and peak NEC.


Unmatched Sensitivity
Siemens detectors provide high sensitivity through a combination of dense, 10 mm thick LSO crystals and very thin inter-pixel reflector layers as well as through careful design of the detector ring geometry. Absolute sensitivity in the center of the FOV is greater than 10%.

Finest Resolution
Combining the high light output of LSO with 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm detector pixel spacing, the Inveon delivers less than 1.4 mm FWHM spatial resolution in images reconstructed using the filtered back projection algorithm. Higher reconstructed image resolution can be achieved with Siemens’ suite of iterative reconstruction algorithms.

Large FOV
New detector design provides an axial FOV of 12.7 cm. In addition, continuous bed motion effectively extends the axial FOV to 50 cm, providing temporal data over the entire axial FOV and offering better image quality due to the over sampling of each projection.

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