Biograph TruePoint PET-CT

The advanced building blocks of PET and CT technology that make TruePoint possible, work together with Siemens syngo applications to offer you the finest multimodality imaging.

HD•PET providing a new level of PET performance
LSO crystals for faster scans
HI-REZ offering unsurpassed resolution
TrueX providing uniform PET resolution and 2x improvement in signal-to-noise ratio
TrueV providing the longest axial field of view
TrueC offering model-based scatter correction calculated independently for every patient and bed position
UFC detectors providing stunning CT image quality
SureView ensuring maximum image quality at any speed
CARE Dose4D for real-time dose modulation
z-Sharp for the highest spatial resolution available

  Biograph TruePoint Brochure[753 KB]
  TruePoint PET•CT Technology Brochure[2.27 MB]
  HD•PET Clinical Image Book[1.49 MB]


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