Kids With ADHD Have Distinct Brain Patterns

Kids With ADHD Have Distinct Brain Patterns
The test requires the children to pay attention and visualize, remember ,and compare the numbers, says study leader Xiaobo Li, PhD, assistant professor of radiology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. "What we found," she tells …
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Radiologic, Nuclear Medicine Techs' Scopes of Practice Set to Grow
By Todd Neff | November 28, 2011 CHICAGO — Fusion may be a good thing for restaurants and the Ford Motor Company, but it's among the factors making life harder for radiologic technicians and nuclear-medicine experts. That's according to an expert …
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ATandT, Accenture Collaborate on Cloud Medical Imaging
Accenture's Medical Imaging includes a teleradiology exchange, which will use AT&T's hosted network to match the supply of X-rays and other radiology images with demand. About 73 percent of health care organizations plan to store medical images in the …
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