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Type: ASKLEPIOS Course
Total time: Approx. 4h 30min
Course information

The course is aimed at assisting in the process of harmonising the radiological training in Europe, at familiarising attendees from Russia and the CIS countries with the recent advances and achievements in diagnostic imaging as well creating an interest in subspecialisations related to the respective fields of radiology. Learning objectives

• to review the current indications of imaging in acute and chronic CNS diseases
• to refresh knowledge of cross-sectional imaging in chronic pulmonary diseases
• to learn the role of MRI in the evaluation of bone tumours
• to get familiar with advances of CT and MR for imaging pancreatic and bile duct tumours
• to update knowledge on the role of imaging in bowel ischemia

No Title Presenter View Approx. duration
1 Imagine acute Stroke M. Prokop, Nijmegen/NL view 30min
2 Bone tumour imaging K. Verstraete, Gent/BE view 30min
3 Soft tissue tumours K. Verstraete, Gent/BE view 30min
4 Advances in pulmonary CTA V. Sinitsyn, Moscow/RU view 30min
5 Imaging of pulmonary tuberculosis I. Tyurin, Moscow/RU view 30min
6 The Mediastinum J. Vilar, Valencia/ES view 30min
7 Imaging bile duct tumours R. Maksimovic, Belgrade/RS view 30min
8 Pancreatic tumours: MDCT or MRI? G. Karmazanovsky, Moscow/RU view 30min
9 Imaging bowel ischemia S. Yarmenitis, Maroussi/GR view 30min

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